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(no subject)
Greetings "e-friends,"

Today we handed over the keys at the 4-20.
Today we move into a two story house on 32nd st.

So moving, working, cleaning and somehow trying to sleep on a matress with a garbage bag for covers (no joke) this past week has been slightly stressful. Today is pay off day when we move to the old beautiful house with the very pretty blue walls.

Ryan Im gonna call you up in the next few weeks and the only way your allowed in my house is if youre already half trashed with a paper bagged C-45 in hand.

This fall is for massive amounts of wall vandlism/beatiful typography/art in the downtown area.
No worries, Ive always been one step ahead of atchison's oink oink football team.

Bye for now.

ps. isnt the atch a fuckin ape?

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dear train, i miss you.
write me an emal sometime soon, okay? i'd love an update on what's going on with you. i'm sure we could do crazy story swapping one day when i come back in to town.

I haven't drank a 40 in almost a year.
I'll do it for you, though. Recently I've been missing the days of the C-45, and effing everything up in site.
Those times will return. This time, west side stylez.

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