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I am in school right now pilfering my time away on the computron.

My new job at moxies is going well and I seem to have impressed the staff with ye olde work ethic. It is because of this they advanced my training so now, starting tonight, I am training on the saute station.
Moxie's saute station is an eight burner, two-tier fire breating monster affectionatly dubbed "the pans." Ive only ever worked a six burner, and only 3 burners were regularly used. At Moxie's they dont even turn any of the burners off during the rush.

I am slightly intimidated.

Other than work and school nothing of much is going down.
I did manage to move into a new apartment right down the street from nutana school and I quite like it there.
Updates and perhaps even pictures coming sooner than later.

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