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nineteen nineteen hour days.
Today like everyother day I got up at six thirty, still smelling like work lastnight, showered and shaved and went on my way to school.
Today unlike everyother day I managed to knick my thumb with my french knife in the first five minutes of class. I decided then and there to tell my instructor that I was going home sick today. Goodbye perfect attendence award.
I came home and went back to bed for several hours and to be honest I could have stayed in bed sleeping soundly until sunday. I am so fucking overtired I can't even see straight. My body is so fucking unhealthy. Being too busy everyday and forgetting to eat anything is rediculous. Work is fine, but long and hard. I have absolutly no idea how Im pulling my weight on the saute station right now. My days, on average are 19 hours long and if I have heavy homework they'll hit 21 without any problem. I really dont even know how much longer I can do this. I have no social life whatsoever outside of getting to see my girl everynow and then. I havnt even finished unpacking all the boxes in my apartment.
I wish I could lay back and live the lives of 95% of the kids at school and not worry about rent, bills and gas.
In the next month or two Im forecasting that my debt is going to grow exponentially.

If I was feeling positive I would say somehting like Im sure that all of this will eventually make me into a strongerperson,
But I feel like death so Im sure this will cause me to age thirty years by spring.

love, thayne

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To an extent, I feel you bro. For a couple months I was working close to full time at two jobs. Averaging 8-12/day during the weeks, and 17 on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
I was fine for the 10 weeks I did this, but directly after I quit one of the jobs I became terribily fucking sick.
My only guidance is to be smart. Its better to say Fuckit to the attendance award, and sleep instead.

That being said, you sir are one tough cookie, and my hat is off to you.

It was good to see you at McNally Robinson, even if I acted awkward.

(I enjoyed it.)

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