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(no subject)
Ive quit Jerry's !!!

And have moved slightly upwards in the culinary underbelly.
I start working at Moxie's on the 5th have finally broken the double digit an hour wage thing.

School is good, marks mostly in the 90's.
applying for a junior membership in the ccf (canadian culinary federation)

exciting times.

too hectic, too hectic
Good good lord things are moving at an incredible pace.

School is lovely, my first class is bakeshop1 and I love it. I can stll smell the motherfucking fresh yeast.
School starts at 6:45 and ends at 3 and welll... I work everyday at 4pm.
I did pretty well in all the theory classes and now that Im in the kitchen things are going so well.

My back and feet are taking one hell of a beating and Im positive that they are going to be problems later on in life.

Im thinking of blowing my tax money on this winter on some sort of computer machine. Perhaps internet thayne will return.

Im goin Im goin where the water tastes like wine, you could jump right in and stay drunk all thetime
Party at the big HQ tonight.
Barbeque at 6 party at 8.
227-6345 for details.

Ryan I will continue to try to get ahold of you but if you should see this first give us a ring.

I am within arms reach of a computer for the next three weeks stop ready yourselves for updates into my personal life stop some things have happened stop perhaps you will be interested stop

new to you
3 months old to me


Ive forgotten what the tags to load these things up. apologies all around


empty chest.
Ive never felt this terrible before
so I figured I'd write it down somewhere.

(no subject)
Fuck fuck fuck fucking shit ass bitch cunt pickle smoker ruug munching mother fucker.

I am tired of this full-time working thing.

But I go to get my tattoo on the 5th at rites of passage


not too long ago I got drunk with the guys from cletus the ass-fucking camal and they asked me to join their band. We jam tonight.

Free flow jazz grind??

(no subject)
Greetings "e-friends,"

Today we handed over the keys at the 4-20.
Today we move into a two story house on 32nd st.

So moving, working, cleaning and somehow trying to sleep on a matress with a garbage bag for covers (no joke) this past week has been slightly stressful. Today is pay off day when we move to the old beautiful house with the very pretty blue walls.

Ryan Im gonna call you up in the next few weeks and the only way your allowed in my house is if youre already half trashed with a paper bagged C-45 in hand.

This fall is for massive amounts of wall vandlism/beatiful typography/art in the downtown area.
No worries, Ive always been one step ahead of atchison's oink oink football team.

Bye for now.

ps. isnt the atch a fuckin ape?

(no subject)
bwah!! computer?!

you know me
Im the red headed spectre dodging in and out of traffic with my camera
I wont even see you until your ghastly image appears in the chemistry
of my down and dirty darkroom

by this time next year Im under the BC trees

Dont't bother mailing me at the 4-20 house for we are getting the fuck out of that slum by the end of this month.

(no subject)
So I havnt updated in a month because well, I dont live at home anymore.
You can now reach me at 227-6345
Thayne McDonald
4 - 20 Bateman Cr.
Saskatoon SK, Canada

Live long and prosper.